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Swan Hat Group is an ever growing hat distributor, located at 529 Bayview Avenue, Inwood, NY.

We cover all styles, shapes and sizes; including fascinators, ‘dressy hats’ and many more styles and varieties. You may also find our casual hat company Hatchhats.com!


The Beginning  

                 Our President and sole proprietor, Steven Brody built this business from the ground up.

It all started when Geraldine (Steven’s Mother) traveled to the millinery district in NYC, she began purchasing hats which she would soon bring back to her hometown in Florida. One thing led to another and before she knew it she was selling hats at wholesale prices throughout her Florida community.  

Steven found an interest in hats further due to his wife, Suri, whom he met after graduating college. Suri, herself had a passion for hats, purchasing in the millinery district in NYC, then setting up a ‘Wall of Hats’ for sale in a clothing shop on Avenue J, in Brooklyn. Suri and Steven advertised, hired a furrier who knew how to sew, purchased about twenty-five sewing machines, additional seamstresses and began creating custom designed hats for customers per Suri’s designs.


History In The Making

While at a trade show in Atlanta, GA, Steven had a stroke of luck, meeting a milliner who advised to direct his sales toward a broader audience including Church going women. Steven was referred by this kind gentleman to another, this time a Korean man, by the name of Mr. Seo.

Mr. Seo, owner and operator of Swan Hats at that time worked out of a large warehouse right under the 59th Street Bridge (The Queensboro Bridge.)

In January 1998, Mr. Seo mentored Steven, teaching him the ins and outs of blocking hats, and sewing his own by using machines. Mr. Seo took mentoring to a new level when he offered Steven the contents and his business, along with the trade name Swan Hat™.

In 1999 the ‘small’ hat designing operation Suri and Steven had started, grew to a larger headquarters this time moving to Long Island, NY. At this location, Steven employed thirty women! After six months Steven had the opportunity to explore a new venture, but this time it wasn’t on his local New York stomping grounds, he was off to Hong Kong, where he would visit Shenzhen, China. This is where history was made, Steven met with “Danny Dean” a native of China. With this connection, 100% of Swan Hat’s products were to be made overseas, with the exception of special order, which are still made in-house.

Here & Now!

Swan Hat is now located in Inwood, New York and although we are not a retail outlet but are rather a wholesaler and importer, we often welcome visitors who are interested in purchasing a hat on site.

Swan Hat imports over 60,000 hats per season! This is just to fill department store orders.

Additional Swan Hat sells to over 700 specialty boutiques and shops around the country, as well as in Canada, Israel, and South America! Swan Hats are also sold on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and the #1 rated hat website, The Village Hat Shop.

Swan Hat, although mostly serving the Temple and Church going communities, has begun focusing in on the Kentucky Derby community. We’ve also added a significant amount of styles including cocktail hats, fascinators (trending) inspired by the Royal Wedding, which remains an iconic part of trending fashion.


Please Note: A representative from Swan Hat is also available for Trunk Shows.


Check out our casual-ware website www.HatchHats.com

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The Swan Hat Team!

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